Suzanna Lewis suzi at FRUITFLY.BERKELEY.EDU
Thu Nov 30 16:10:56 EST 1995

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> > Hi,
> > 
> > 	Please can anyone tell me where I can get tclace (referred to in
> > Dave Matthews' "Loading Data into Acedb" documentation file) as I can't
> > seem to find it anywhere and the Web crawler has never heard of it.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > 
> Good question, John!  Suzanna, is tclace available?  If so maybe we should
> link to it in this Web page.
> - Dave


I just gzipped the executable and put it on our anonymous ftp server.
Look on fruitfly.berkeley.edu in pub/tclace.  And by the end of the day
we should have added a web site that can also be used for ftp.  Our
home page is simply fruitfly.berkeley.edu, I'll send the full URL once
we have it here.

The only other people I know of that have experience using tclace are
our flybase collaborators at Harvard and Cambridge.  Like us they are
referencing our version of acedb a.k.a. flydb, a.k.a Encyclopaedia of
Drosophila.  We are using (read dependent on) version tcl7.4b3 of tcl.

Hope this is useful, Suzanna

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