Danielle et Jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at kaa.crbm.cnrs-mop.fr
Wed Nov 29 09:08:50 EST 1995

Couchman%bbsrc.ac.uk asks:
Is there a quick summary available about the purpose of aceclient and
aceserver? I have a lot of technical details about how to set them up.
However I'm still unclear as to whether they are intended as an 
alternative to a local copy of xace and access to WWW. If not what extra
features do they offer?

No i don t have a summary

the client server is a way to use acedb in non graphic mode
remotelly, with several users sharing write access.

So usage 1 is:
have a big lab
run one server private to your lab

as many users as needed, users often beeing scripts, update the same server
in parallel

usage 2:
have a server on a public site
many clients will access the data remotelly in read-only mode

actually the www server developped at USDA runs the ace server
and query it with a perl-client forwarding the results to
the www server
knowing the server adress, you can query it direct, using yourself an ace
clinet (c.client as well as perl client) by passing enterelly the
web layer


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