Image storage and overlays with ACEDB

John L. McCarthy mccarthy at MH1.LBL.GOV
Thu Nov 2 12:08:48 EST 1995

We are going to be storing gel images from SSR screening and mapping
experiments for the Amtex Cotton Biotechnology project. We want to be
able to access them from our ACEDB lab notebook database.

1. Is Pick_me_to_call still the current working technology?
I recall some discussion of more general mechanisms, including the
ability to have separate "overlay" layered images, but I wasn't sure
whether anyone is doing that in a production setting as yet.

2. When we specify the image file name with the Pick_me_to_call
(or other) tag, it makes sense to just have the file name rather
than hard-coding the full path name.  Is there somewhere we can specify
the pathname for images (e.g., an environment variable) or do we have
to simply be careful of the directory from which the ACEDB session in 

Any other suggestions re image handling also would be appreciated.

-John McCarthy
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