Image storage and overlays with ACEDB

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Thu Nov 2 13:14:38 EST 1995

> 2. When we specify the image file name with the Pick_me_to_call
> (or other) tag, it makes sense to just have the file name rather
> than hard-coding the full path name.  Is there somewhere we can specify
> the pathname for images (e.g., an environment variable) or do we have
> to simply be careful of the directory from which the ACEDB session in
> invoked?

Hi John,

Richard answered your question #2 a little while ago:

: To: acedb at net.bio.net
: From: <rd at sanger.ac.uk>
: Subject: Pick_me_to_call in 4_1
: Date: 31 Aug 1995 19:23:26 +0100
: There has been some discussion about where Pick_me_to_call looks for
: files.  In the 4-8 worm distribution we used Pick_me_to_call for JPEG
: pictures.  Instead of making the second argument "xv" directly, we set
: it to be the name a script in wscripts/, "display_script", which
: explicitly specifies the directory in which to look:
:         xv $ACEDB/pictures/$1 &
: This is preferable to changing directory in the script with which you
: invoke acedb, because it is nice to be in your own directory for
: writing out files.  It also allows people to change the way xv is
: invoked, e.g. set options, or change to another image viewer, without
: editing the database.
: Richard

Apparently Pick_me_to_call now executes the first tag-value, passing it the
second tag-value as $1, along with the current environment.  $ACEDB/wscripts 
is placed at the front of the process's $path.  This is a lot more flexible
than the old behavior.  Maybe it will help with question 1.

- Dave

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