bug with mono display

Mike Cherry cherry at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Mon May 29 21:49:39 EST 1995

Here is a minor bug in the new ACEDB 4.0 beta 4 software.  If you are
on a monochrome display you'll get a Segmentation fault unless you set
the ACEDB_COLOR enviroment variable.

For those who wish to look at the code here is the gdb message and the
appropriate region of the source.

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x17e9a0 in setXcolors (gc=0x7451c8, fcol=20, bcol=20) at graphxlib.c:799

799           XSetStipple (display, gc, *stipple[fcol]) ;
(gdb) l
794     {
795       if (isMono)
796         {
797           XSetBackground (DG, BlackPixelOfScreen(XtScreen(root_widget)));
798           XSetForeground (DG, WhitePixelOfScreen(XtScreen(root_widget)));
799           XSetStipple (display, gc, *stipple[fcol]) ;
800           XSetFillStyle( display, gc, FillOpaqueStippled);
801         } 
802       else 
803         {


P.S. As talked about on the last day of the ACEDB workshop it was of
interest that bugs and source enhancements be sent to the ACEDB list,
and of course to Jean and Richard.

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