Showing familiar names of Loci on GMAP's

Simon Kelley srk at handa.sanger.ac.uk
Wed May 3 03:34:37 EST 1995

In article <3o5teq$jda at overload.lbl.gov> bks at s27w007.pswfs.gov (Bradley K. Sherman) writes:

   In the same way that Paper objects are shown by
   their titles, rather than their key's, I'd like
   to show loci on GMAP's by a familiar name rather
   than the key.

   Is this possible?

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It is possible to do this in both acedb3 and acedb4, the exact method
differs between them.

In the model for ?Map in ace3, you will find the following:
 			Symbol Text UNIQUE Text 
                                // Class Tag: if present, for all
                                // items in class use item following 
                                // tag in place of name for display

The first Text is a class name, the second a tag. If this is set in
the map, all objects of the given class are displayed not using their
real names, but by the name of the object following the tag. Thus you
could have 

?Loci   Familiar_name ?Text

and in the map 

Symbol Loci Familiar_name

Exactly the same facility exists in the ace4 GMAP, the only difference
is that the name transformation is now done per-column, and the Symbol
spcification has moved into the ?View object which controls all
aspects  of map display.


Simon Kelley.  srk at sanger.ac.uk  work: +44 223 494980  home: +44 223 832411
Simon Kelley.  srk at sanger.ac.uk  work: +44 223 494980  home: +44 223 832411

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