Write-Access deja vu

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Mon Mar 27 14:48:06 EST 1995

>I've never really had trouble getting "Write Access" to show up on the main
>menu before (since the first ACEDB I installed), but this time I'm stumped.

For some reason bionet is just now posting this 3-week-old message of mine
to some locations.  Strange.

Anyway, in the interim I figured out yet another work-around.  In my case
Jo Dicks's "whoami" vs. "who i am" test turned out to be the most relevant.
Whenever I couldn't get Write Access, "who i am" didn't know who I was.  
Usually it thought I was somebody else from /etc/passwd but once it thought
I was "telnet".  "whoami" was always correct.

The work-around was to create a new xterm window and try again.  Saying
"xterm" in a bad-who-i-am xterm window usually (always, I think) produced a
good-who-i-am window.

- Dave

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