can't get Write Access in ACEDB

Daniel Z. Skinner dzolek at ksu.ksu.edu
Mon Mar 27 14:09:57 EST 1995

>I've never really had trouble getting "Write Access" to show up on the main
>menu before (since the first ACEDB I installed), but this time I'm stumped.
>I'm installing a copy of GrainGenes (ACEDB version 3.0) on an SGI in
>Denmark.  I changed passwd.wrm to contain my login name here, which is also
>the name of the owner of all the directories and files.  That name is
>listed directly in /etc/passwd.  The default shell for it is ksh instead of
>csh, could that make a difference?  (I'm running ace from a csh subshell.)
>I did setenv ACEDB_SU.  The database directory and blocks.wrm exist, and are
>writeable by the owner.  Uncommenting "getLoginFailed" in passwd.wrm has no
>Some other folks have complained of this problem before.  Did you fix it, or
>give up on ACEDB?
>- Dave Matthews
I was one of those to complain before.  In my case, the problem was in
where I was when I entered the setenv ACEDB_SU.  To make a long story
short, in my system I have to enter it _before_ I start X-Windows.  So the
sequence is, logon, setenv, xinit, start acedb.  Good luck!

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