Mosaic 2.5 CCI and Pick_me_to_call

Bradley K. Sherman bks at s27w007.pswfs.gov
Fri Mar 17 13:24:22 EST 1995

How to use ACEDB to show stuff via Mosaic:

Here's a URL

Here's a fragment of a .ace file
    Paper : acedb-faq.html
    Pick_me_to_call : cci "http:\/\/s27w007.pswfs.gov/Homepage/acedb-faq.html"

Here's the script .../externalFiles/cci
    sshow -host my.machine's.FQDN -port 9999 -url $1

Now get Mosaic version 2.5 and retrieve sshow
(see http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/SDG/Software/Mosaic/CCI/cci-spec.html).

Start up Mosaic (v2.5) and pull down the file menu and
select "CCI...". Now start the program listening on port 9999 (say).

Now click on "Pick_me_to_call" and acedb will cause Mosaic
to display the FAQ.

(n.b. ACEDB thinks that // starts a comment, even within double
quotes!  Is this a bug or a feature?)

Nice for image display, too.

You can get the library used to create sshow for your own
imaginative www-client-remote-control-by-TCP/IP pleasure.


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