Help: ACEDB WWW Gateway

John Vu jvu at CHROM5.HSIS.UCI.EDU
Wed Mar 1 17:24:27 EST 1995

Hi acedb users,

I am trying to configure the acedb WWW gateway.  I followed the 
instructions from the only two sources I know of for the WWW gateway:




However, when I access the URL from Mosaic, I receive the following 
message in Mosaic:

!! FATAL ERROR 0: !! R 0: 

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or perhaps give me more detailed 
instructions on configuring the gateway?  We are running ace 3.5 on a Sun 
IPX with Sun OS 4.1.3.  Thanks.

Best regards,

John D. Vu				INTERNET: jdvu at uci.edu
National Human Genome Research Center	Phone	: (714) 824 - 7447
Department of Biological Chemistry
UCI College of Medicine, 
Medical Sciences I, Rm D240
Irvine, CA  92717

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