ACEDB main memory requirements

Detlef Wolf D.Wolf at dkfz-heidelberg.de
Thu Jun 22 10:28:47 EST 1995

> I recall from the conference that someone said Acedb loads
> the whole database into RAM when it runs. Does this means that
> it actually loads all the data, or that it load just the
> data model and some hash tables? If it loads the whole
> database, do you have experience with running multiple
> Igd sessions on 1 machine? We are wondering how our
> system will be affected if we make Igd widely available and
> several people start it up at once.
> Pam

Hi Pam,
I open this in the acedb newsgroup, because it is relevant for more people
how might also help you.

It not true, the ACEDB loads the whole database into RAM when it runs.
We have a 2 GB-database on a machine with 256MB RAM and when ACEDB is
in full operation it takes about 100 MB of RAM.
The amount of main memory ACEDB is using is controlled by a config file

The critical problem is as you noticed correctly is having multiple sessions.
There are two ways around it:
1. use client/server
2. In IGD we extract user-relevant subsets of the data in a set of
   small ACEDB databases which
   don't need much main memory. Therefore we can support several
   users simultaneously. Anyway, with IGD this would run on the local

best wishes

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