4_0 libraries under Solaris

rd at sanger.ac.uk rd at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Jun 14 13:03:29 EST 1995

The Solaris version of ACEDB 4_0 that we released was built on a
machine that had X11 release 5 libraries installed on it.  Solaris
makes dynamic library links at run time, and so it expects the same
libraries to be present at run time as at build time.  The X11R5
libraries are not present on most Solaris machines, meaning that the
the solaris binaries will not run.

There are two ways round this if you want to run acedb 4 now:

The first is to recompile yourself on your own machine from the source
code, which is available in the distribution.  Instructions to do this
are in NOTES.  You should setenv ACEDB_MACHINE to be SOLARIS_4.

The second is to make symbolic links in /usr/openwin/lib to fake the
missing libraries from ones that do exist.  This requires root access,
and is a hack, but, amazingly, appears to work fine - several people
have reported doing it.  A typical set of links is:

ln -s libX11.so.4       libX11.so.5.0
ln -s libXaw.so.5       libXaw.so.5.0
ln -s libXext.so.0      libXext.so.5.0
ln -s libXmu.so.4       libXmu.so.5.0
ln -s libXt.so.4        libXt.so.5.0

You may need to change the names in the first column to match what you
find in /usr/openwin/lib.  These instructions do not touch any
existing files -- they create new fake names as wanted by the
precompiled xace.

A third approach is to wait until we make a new release, which we hope
to do in a few weeks.  We will endeavour then to compile in a more
standard configuration, and this will also include fixes of as many of
the reported bugs as possible.  Note however that run-time library
mismatches appear to be a perennial problem, particularly with Solaris.


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