announcing SampleDB release 1.0

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Tue Jun 13 09:18:12 EST 1995

The first release of SampleDB, described below, is now available for 
anonymous ftp from probe.nalusda.gov:pub/acedocs/sampledb*.

SampleDB, version 1.0, 12 June 1995

A sample database to demonstrate features of ACEDB, especially map and sequence


  The GMAP
   C. elegans chromosome V and its neighbors
   To view, pick Map "V".
   There is a "guided tour" available via the online help; click the "Help"
       button in the main window.

  The PMAP
   ctg313 and ctg893, from C. elegans chromosome V, and their neighbors
   To view, pick Map "V" and double-click on the yellow "Contigs" bars

  The Sequence Display
   C. elegans sequence B0272 and some of its neighbors
   To view, pick Sequence "B0272".

  The MultiMap
   Rice chromosome 1 vs. maize chromosomes 3 and 8
   To view, examine MultiMaps "Rice 1, Maize 3,8" and "Rice 1, Maize 3,8

Developers and documenters are encouraged to add more features to SampleDB, by
- concise .ace datasets,
- description of any models.wrm changes needed, relative to AC.elegansDB, and
- suggested objects to look at to exercise the features.

SampleDB 1.0 is distributed with a SunOS 4.x executable of ACEDB version
4_0b4.  It is not necessarily expected to work with any other version of

Dave Matthews
matthews at greengenes.cit.cornell.edu

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