?2_Point_Data vs. ?2_point_data

rd at sanger.ac.uk rd at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Jun 12 13:57:48 EST 1995

The code since last October (version 3.5?) has installed 2_point_data
as a class (lower case version), and this is what is used in the map
display routines.

I guess the code that reads options.wrm is not case sensitive, and reads
your ?2_Point_Data as referring to the already existing ?2_point_data
class.  But the parser code is apparently case sensitive.

So for now you will have to use the lower case version.  To avoid this
type of problem, we should be consistent, and either always make class
name recognition case sensitive, or case insensitive.  I propose it
should be case insensitive -- it would be very confusing to have two
classes whose names differed only by case.  Any objections from


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