Genetic maps (gifs) in _C. elegans_ acedb

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Thu Jun 1 16:02:44 EST 1995

>         Could someone tell me how to interpret the genetic map
> gifs found in the _C. elegans_ acedb?  In particular, I'd like to
> know what the vertical line in the center of the gif with loci
> next to it covers.  Does it signify the high-lighted deletion
> range to the left or some other range?
>         A place to look for this information would also do fine.

Hi Chris, I'm currently working on some documentation for the ACEDB 
genetic map display.  I'm afraid I can't tell which vertical line
you're referring to here, but if you'll look at the explanation I've
written up so far maybe you can either find your answer or find what
name I call it by.  It's currently (temporarily) located at

- Dave

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