map displays in MacAce

Elizabeth Harris chlamy at acpub.duke.edu
Thu Jan 19 17:38:40 EST 1995

I'm having trouble getting maps to display in MacAce.  I have substituted
for the original MacAce files, the models.wrm and options.wrm files that
work correctly for my database on a Silicon Graphics Iris, with the only
modifications in models.wrm being to delete my ?Image class and add the
MacAce ?Picture and ?Movie classes.  I am not using any of these classes in
the current database in any case.  Apart from adding my new tags and
classes, I haven't modified any of the other .wrm files.

The options.wrm file contains the following lines, among others:

_VMap      -V -D GMAP -R Linkage_group 
_VLocus    -V -D GMAP

Locus entries contain lines such as the following:

Map	 "Genetic_3" Position 17.000000 Error 0.000000
Map	 "Molecular_3" Position -17.000000

I have not modified the .ace file at all from the version that works on the

When I select Linkage_group from the main menu, I get a list of the linkage
groups, and each of these gives me a list of the loci on that group, but
they do not display as a map.  When I click on a locus within the linkage
group window, I just get another copy of the same window, whereas if I
start from Gene or Allele or some other Class that cross-references to
Locus, then clicking on a Locus gives me the information file for that

If I change the Locus line in options.wrm to read 

_VLocus          -V 

then I can get the full information display, i.e. it doesn't just give me
the Linkage_group window again.

Selecting MultiMap from the main keyset DOES give me the correct graphics
display, but the only loci that appear on it are the ones that are present
on both the genetic and molecular maps, usually only one or two per linkage
group, and I never get the entire linear map, nor does the MultiMap window
show the blocks on which one would click to get either the genetic or
molecular map display.  All this worked on our Iris, and so far as I know I
haven't changed anything that should have affected the display.  

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


Elizabeth Harris
chlamy at acpub.duke.edu

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