Japanese ACEDB Family Document & ACEDB for NEC-EWS

Tohru Sano sano at exp.cl.nec.co.jp
Sat Feb 18 09:25:34 EST 1995

Tsukuba Japan;  February 18, 1995

(1) "Japanese ACEDB Guide Ver.1.2." and (2) "ACEDB ver.2 for
NEC engineering workstation EWS4800 series" is now available.

(1) This is Guide of ACEDB family written in Japanese. This
postscript file is available via anonymous ftp at ftp.nec.co.jp
( as /pub/packages/acedb/acemanjp.1_2.ps.Z.
This is 40 pages guide. I develop html version, and it will be
available soon.

(2) ACEDB for EWS4800 is available via anonymous ftp at
ftp.nec.co.jp ( in /pub/packages/acedb/ace2.
In the near future ACEDB Ver.4 appears, and we port it to
NEC-EWS4800 as soon as possible.

For more information contact Tohru Sano.

Tohru Sano
Fundamental Research Laboratories
NEC Corporation
Tsukuba, 305, JAPAN
e-mail: sano at exp.cl.nec.co.jp
FAX:    +81-298-56-6136
VOICE:  +81-298-50-1507

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