First release from the Saccharomyces Genome Database

Mike Cherry cherry at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Feb 2 17:18:45 EST 1995

First public release from the Saccharomyces Genome Database project

    The first public release from the Saccharomyces Genome Database
(SGD) at Stanford University is now available using the ACEDB software
developed by Durbin and Thierry-Mieg.  This Ace database is called
SacchDB and is available for Macintosh and a variety of UNIX systems,
as well as through the Internet.

A partial list of the contents of version 2.3 SacchDB:

  o All Saccharomyces genes contained in the Registry of Gene Names
    on January 21, 1995.

  o Results of the seven completed chromosomal sequencing projects
    have been integrated into the database. This includes chromosomes:
    I, II, III, V, VIII, IX, and XI.

  o Physical Maps based on DNA sequencing projects, hybridization
    to the Olson/Riles prime filter grids, and restriction mapping.

  o For the completely sequenced chromosomes the Olson prime clones
    have been re-mapped (on the computer) to the DNA sequence.

  o All Saccharomyces DNA sequences contained within GenBank release
    86 (December 7, 1994) are incorporated.

  o Literature references, most including abstracts, for the
    information contained within the database.

  o Gene protein product information obtained from the YPD database
    (Garrels and Latter, CSHL) and the literature.

  o Genetic Maps including the underlying two point tetrad data.
    Including all tetrad data reported in previous additions of
    the Mortimer Yeast Maps.

    The SGD project at Stanford is funded by a grant from the National
Center for Human Genome Research, National Institutes of Health.  The
collection and maintenance of the Registry of Gene Names was
transferred to the SGD in early 1994 by R. Mortimer, University of
California, Berkeley.  The collection and maintenance of the
hybridization results to the Olson/Riles prime filters was transferred
to the SGD in early 1994 by M. Olson, University of Washington, and L.
Riles, Washington University in St. Louis.

    The SacchDB database is available through the Internet using the
World Wide Web from the URL "http://genome-www.stanford.edu/" or using
Internet Gopher to the host named genome-gopher.stanford.edu (port

    The complete ACEDB database for use on a Macintosh or UNIX
computer is available via Anonymous FTP from genome-ftp.stanford.edu
(pub/yeast/SacchDB) or ncbi.nlm.nih.gov (repository/SacchDB).  Please
retrieve the file README.installation first to decide which files you
need for your particular system.

    Please send any suggestions or corrections on the database or the
SGD project to yeast-curator at genome.stanford.edu.  Forms are available
on the above ftp servers, the forms are simply suggestions of the
types of information we wish to receive with the registration of a
gene name or for submission of mapping data.  In the future electronic
Internet forms will be available.
The SGD Project
Mike Cherry, Cathy Ball, Rita Schmidt, Karen Davis, Selina Dwight, Mark
Schroeder and David Botstein.

     Contacts for the Saccharomyces Genome Database Project (SGD)
             E-mail:    yeast-curator at genome.stanford.edu
                ftp:    genome-ftp.stanford.edu
             Gopher:    genome-gopher.stanford.edu
                WWW:    http://genome-www.stanford.edu/
          Telephone:    415-725-8956
                FAX:    415-723-7016

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