FAQ? porting to other OS's

Staffan Bergh staffan at biochem.kth.se
Wed Feb 1 05:47:36 EST 1995


in anticipation of the questions I'll get in a few weeks when I'm
going to demo MycDB to a whole conference of tuberculosis researchers
I'd like some help with the following portability issues:

1. Does ACE run under DOS? (I've heard it said that it will never ever
- but can someone explain to a total DOS ignoramus why not?)

2. Windows, Windows NT, Windows '95? 16 bits/32 bits? what's the
story? How about OS/2?

3. PowerPC?

4. What happened to the VMS port, rumored to be in the works?

Email me and I'll summarize (and give it to Brad for the FAQ?)


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