Pick_me_to_call in 4_1

rd at sanger.ac.uk rd at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Aug 31 13:23:26 EST 1995

There has been some discussion about where Pick_me_to_call looks for
files.  In the 4-8 worm distribution we used Pick_me_to_call for JPEG
pictures.  Instead of making the second argument "xv" directly, we set
it to be the name a script in wscripts/, "display_script", which
explicitly specifies the directory in which to look:

	xv $ACEDB/pictures/$1 &

This is preferable to changing directory in the script with which you
invoke acedb, because it is nice to be in your own directory for
writing out files.  It also allows people to change the way xv is
invoked, e.g. set options, or change to another image viewer, without
editing the database.


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