table.menu.wrm problem in ace4-1

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Wed Aug 23 17:40:22 EST 1995

Does the "Tables..." button still work in ace4-1?  The wspec/table.menu.wrm
attached below works fine in ace3-0 and 4_0b4, but in 4-1 when I click
"Tables..." the little "Selector" window comes up just briefly and then 
ace exits with message "Error: Widget vertical has zero width and/or height".
- Dave

// This file allows you to link specific 
// relational tables definition for direct access
// from the standard tree-display

// The format is the following:

// Each paragraph starts with a class name
// then each line should give a name, to appear in menus, a column, 
// and the name of a file down from $ACEDB

// The table maker is then called from tree-display with the name
// of the active object as parameter,
// therefore the definition file may use %1 to refer to
// that name

// Example:
//Map_Data : wquery/map_data.1.def

Summary_by_Germplasm : wquery/tmenu/TS_by_GP.def
Summary_by_Environment : wquery/tmenu/TS_by_Loc.def

Traits_by_Environment :  wquery/tmenu/TS_all_traits.def
Summary_over_Environments : wquery/tmenu/TS_GP_by_Loc.def

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