Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Mon Aug 21 17:25:51 EST 1995

In moving a database from ca. ace3-0 to 4-1 there are a few gotchas in 
wspec to be dealt with.  Phil ran into one the other day with subclasses.wrm
which should not be carried over from the 4-1 distribution.

The NOTES for 4-1 say "The minimal requirements for running acedb are that
the database/ and wspec/ directories exist, and wspec/ contains cachesize,
options, displays, models, passwd", and it seems to be working for me with
all of these wspec files transferred straight over from my old database.
This includes deleting tags.wrm and sys*.  

However one additional wspec file needs to be brought in from the 4-1
distribution: database.wrm.  It looks harmless enough, but in its absence
the error message is only,

!! FATAL ERROR: system error 2 No such file or directory
!! Disk extend cannot open the main database file

, which can take a while to figure out.

- Dave

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