4.1 main menu and other

Fri Aug 18 19:48:13 EST 1995

 In my main window for ACEDB 4.1, in addition to those classes found in
my options.wrm file, I have the following classes --- Gene (an additional
one to the one I already have) and five for which I have no models, nor are
they in my options.wrm file --- Other_Locus, Genome_Sequence, cDNA_Sequence, 
Repeat_Sequence, and Tc_Insertion.  Any clues about why I get these 
in the main window?  (Using the same options.wrm file in ACEDB 3.7, this
problem does not occur.)

 I have a .ace file called bean-gene.ace which contains information
regarding genes.  For some reason, I can not get this file to enter the
data into ACEDB 4.1 so that they appear in the Main KeySet window when
I click on the Gene class name in the main window.  The only genes that do
appear are those that are placed there by the XREF function from another
class (Locus).  Interesting, though I can get to these Gene class objects by 
navigating through an object in another class that has an XREF link to a 
gene object.  I checked the second Gene entry in the main window and 
get the same gene list as with the first.  (See first paragraph.)  Ideas 
anyone?  (This is the same file I used with 3.7, and this problem 
did not occur.)

Phil McClean
Dept. of Plant Sciences
North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND 58105
mcclean at beangenes.cws.ndsu.nodak.edu

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