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JD Barnett jbarnett at nalusda.gov
Wed Aug 16 14:27:58 EST 1995

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This distribution contains files developed for integrating acedb
version 4 with perl and, in turn, the world wide web.  Acedb 4, unlike
previous versions, has full client-server capability.  The client code
has been linked into perl for direct interactive access to the
aceserver from perl scripts; this is Aceclient.pm (distributed with
ace 4).  Acedb 4 also contains modifications for printing output in a
form directly readable by perl to provide access to the complete tree
structure of objects, and methods for manipulating these trees are
provided in Aceobj.pm.  Combining these two features is a module
(AceWWW.pm) for formatting acedb objects for the World Wide Web.  The
actual cgi-bin scripts and accessory library routines are also
included, though these contain some AGIS-specific information.

The files included are:

Aceobj.pm		perl module for accessing acedb objects
AceWWW.pm		perl module for WWW formatting
htmllib.pl		perl library with html routines, used by AceWWW.pm
dbinfo.pl		template for database-specific information, for WWW
hostinfo.pl		template for specifying host information, for WWW

example.emr		examples of external markup rules, used by AceWWW.pm
standard_urls		examples of generic urls used for external markup by

cgi-bin/		for WWW interface
model			view models
dbrun			main WWW interface

pacecl.pl		example perl script: interactive client
cnttag.pl		example perl script: count tags used in a database

-JD Barnett (jbarnett at nalusda.gov)

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