ANNOUNCE: ACEDB v4.1 for Linux

Jeff Bryer jbryer at trog.mbb.sfu.ca
Thu Aug 10 23:16:37 EST 1995

Following on Richard and Jean's heels for releasing ACEDB v4.1
for SUNs, SGIs, etc today, I managed to quickly port ACEDB v4.1 
over to Linux the same day.  The port was really quite simple.

It is available for anonymous ftp from (as always):

This archive contains the binaries for both xace and tace.

I intend to release an ELF version shortly.

I also intend to compile in all the data for C. elegans (release 4-7)
and make that available on the same site for the C. elegans community.
I'll try to make it available in multiple parts so you don't have to
download a 60MB+ file.

What follows is the readme file for the Linux port of ACEDB v4.1

Jeff Bryer
jbryer at darwin.mbb.sfu.ca

August 10, 1995

I've just completed a quicky port of Acedb v4.1 to Linux.  This
includes both xace and tace.  I suppose I could do the server
too if people want.  Everything in the 4.0 README below applies 
to the v4.1 port.  Either Ken or I will work on an ELF release 
in the near future.  (First I have to upgrade one of our 
Linux machines to ELF. :-)

  Jeff Bryer
  jbryer at darwin.mbb.sfu.ca

July 7, 1995

A port of Acedb 4.0 test 4_0b4a for Linux can be found on 

It will apear on ncbi.nlm.nih.gov when the official Acedb 4.0 is

Linux is a free Unix-like OS available for the Intel [345]86 platform.  
You can find out more about Linux in the comp.os.linux.* groups on usenet.

Acedb runs very well on Linux, but you will need a fairly loaded system.
I reccomend at _least_ 16MB of RAM and a 486/33.  You will also want a
large disk that can accomodate the database's growth.  More RAM is 
much better than a faster processor.  A 486/66 with 32MB RAM will
blow the doors off a Pentium/100 with 8M.  You should have 32MB of swap
for updates.

You should be running Linux 1.0 or better and the a.out
shared libraries (I am using libc 4.5.26).  Other versions
should work, but are untested.  Note that this release will NOT work
if you are running with only Linux ELF libraries.  I will release
an ELF port when the official Acedb 4.0 is released.

The port to Linux was very simple.  If you are familiar with
Makefiles and C, do not be afraid to compile it yourself.

  Ken Clark
  ken at darwin.mbb.sfu.ca

Jeff Bryer               | "Maybe VR.12 turns you into Fabio."
jbryer at darwin.mbb.sfu.ca |   -Duncan in Parallel Lives (VR.5)

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