ACEDB 4_1 program release

Richard Durbin rd at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Thu Aug 10 12:52:57 EST 1995

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ACEDB program version 4_1

Version 4_1 of acedb is now available.  This is a full release of the
latest version of acedb.

A large number of bugs has been fixed from the initial version 4_0b4
release (see wdoc/bugs.4 and wdoc/bugs.4.fixed for details).  As well
as program bugs we believe we have fixed the installation problems for
SunOS and Solaris machines (it works on the machines we can find, but
these things always catch you out...).

If you used the previous beta release, 4_0b4, then your wspec/ and
data/ files will be completely compatible, but you must remake the
database from scratch from update files or .ace files.  Otherwise (1)
dates will not print properly (they would never have reliably using
the 4_0 system), and (2) the global search facility would not work
properly (it didn't under 4_0).

The official ftp sites are:

  ncbi.nlm.nih.gov ( in the USA, in repository/acedb
  ftp.sanger.ac.uk in England, in pub/acedb
  lirmm.lirmm.fr ( in France, in directory genome/acedb

See the files README and NOTES in these directories for further

The official acedb documentation site is at
http://probe.nalusda.gov:8000/acedocs/index.html (thanks Sam
Cartinhour and Doug Bigwood).

Richard Durbin (rd at sanger.ac.uk)
Jean Thierry-Mieg (mieg at kaa.cnrs-mop.fr)

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