ACeDB data update via cron/expect/tace

Dilip Tailor x3296 dtailor at crc.ac.uk
Fri Sep 30 06:15:20 EST 1994


I wish to update ACeDB databases via cron jobs and not via interactive means.
Has anyone attempted to do this?

tace with parse command almost does this but it's interactive.

I have created a 'expect' script to drive the tace program to
parse rawdata update files but it fails to update the database. I think its
something to do with pawning a new shell???

expect script:


set env(ACEDB) /packages/mbx/ACeDB
set env(DBDIR) /packages/mbx/ACeDB/database
spawn $env(ACEDB)/bin.SOLARIS/tace

expect {acedb >} { send " ?\r"}
expect {acedb >} { send "parse /packages/mbx/ACeDB/rawdata/update.3-1\r"}
expect {acedb >} { send "quit\r"}

The '?' or help works.

The parse runs but fails to update DB.

The 'quit' works.

What am l doing wrong?

Is it possible to run tace via options list? i.e tace -parse filename

Dilip Tailor

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