Visualisation of Postscript files in Macs?

Ben Davis bjd12 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Fri Sep 30 11:08:53 EST 1994

Rajan Nair (rnair at umich.edu) wrote:
: > I can make some PostScript files, using GCG in Sun machines. I would be 
	grateful, if
: > you could recommend any particular programme that I can use to view 
	these .ps files in a
: > Macintosh.

: I don't know of an easy way to look at the postscript file on the monitor.
: But if you just want to print it, you could open the file with Microsoft
: Word, select the entire contents, and change format from normal to
: Postscript. In Word 5.0 and higher you do do this by holding down the shift
: key, clicking the mouse on the "normal" style on the left of the top
: ribbon, and dragging down to the postscript option. This operation will
: change your font to Chicago. Now you can print the file on any Postscript
: printer.

	There's quite a few very good shareware programs for printing ps
files directly from the mac. MacLPR is the one we use - just drop the ps
or ascii text icon onto it, and it prints - fast, easy to use (it sorts
out whether its ps or ascii itself). There's a couple others whose names
I've forgotten, but if anyone's depserate, I can dig them out.
	While we're talking mac printing software, save-a-tree is good
for big text files. Lets you print 4 pages on one sheet of paper, so if
you've got a database search you want to read over a coffee, you can. Very


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