Suzanna Lewis suzi at FLY2.BERKELEY.EDU
Fri Sep 30 00:50:06 EST 1994

Dear Jean,

There is a contradiction here.  You say that:
> but this is indeed how attach was created and used
But this isn't how it works from a user's point of view!
Why does the "Attach" button appear at all, if the supporting
models are not available?  The very fact that the button is
available on the screen suggests that it ought to do something.
But what you seem to be saying is that it only works if
the models are appropriately set up.

> the attach owrks then on objetcs, keystes and dumps

I can see a button for an object, but where are the user 
hooks for keysets and dumps?  I can't see anything on menus
or buttons that seems to apply.

> you can even parse what you dumped, but these fields are ignored

I tried dumping a tree object after doing an attach and none of
the attach data was present in the dump.  If you can't dump it
what does parsing matter?

My impression is that we are using the same terms to describe two
completely (vastly?, no) different tools.  We both say "Attach" but
don't mean the same thing at all.  I would be interested in hearing
from Otto, because I'm not sure I have correctly interpreted what
you have written.  The tool that Richard described sounds more 
like what I was thinking of.  It would act in a way similar to
the query editor or table maker interface.  That is, anyone could
use it, no special privileges, models, or anything required.  
Secondly, the view definition could be saved (made persistent) so
users could recall a particular view of the data on demand.

its not the same thing at all, but something new I guess


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