attach @query

Suzanna Lewis suzi at FLY2.BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Sep 27 14:04:02 EST 1994

Detlef explained..

> in models.wrm you can say
> ?Locus           ?Citation XREF Locus  @"generic_properties # summary"
> i.e. attach the query in the model.

Thank you, Detlef, this may come in handy.  The problem with this method
however is that the binding occurs at the model design stage, not at

similarly Jean says..

> if the view is defined in the model file it becomes persistent
> just have the attach close in some new fake class
> and make that class visible

I'm not quite sure what you mean Jean when you say "close in some new
fake class".  I can't see anything in the menus that hints of anything
like this.  Could you explain this further.

The issue is that the "Attach" button (as now coded) is transitory.
Like Sam C. said...

> it would be nice if ordinary users could make a view persistent by
> applying it to a keyset or by saving its "definition" so it could be
> loaded and applied at another time. This would encourage users to
> develop complex customized views. I think Jean mentioned applying
> attach to keysets at the workshop?

I don't see anything new on the menu that allows Attach to work on
a keyset.  I'm I missing something here, and this would be a very
handy feature.

Finally if one does a ace dump of the tree display after performing
an Attach the results do Not include the attached tags and values.
There is no way to obtain the .ace form of what you see in the display.
This is not what an ordinary user expects.  They would expect the two
to match.

Oops one more thing.  Multiple attaches don't work.

I give up, I'm disabling Attach.


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