Using ACeDB for other applications

Mike Zimmerman zimmer at POP.PSU.EDU
Tue Sep 27 08:32:22 EST 1994


I am just now becoming acquainted with ACeDB, and I'd be interested to
know if many people are using it for other (non-genome-related) database
management applications.  (I've seen the "AboutACeDB" database page, of

We are looking at using it to create an automated library catalog which
could be linked to Postscript documents and geographic information system
information, for instance.  The object-oriented design of ACeDB and the
PS-to-GIF and clickable map capabilities of the ACeDB-to-WWW gateway would
be marvelous for that kind of application.  The software presents all
kinds of possibilities which aren't available with conventional relational
database library systems, and I'd appreciate hearing about other people's
"alternative" uses. 


Michael Zimmerman 

      Michael Zimmerman               <http://www.pop.psu.edu/~zimmer/>
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      The Pennsylvania State University    

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