general questions about acedb

Kerry Rowe kr5205 at u.cc.utah.edu
Tue Sep 13 12:05:42 EST 1994

I have several general questions about ACEDB.  The answers may be in the
FAQ; if someone could mail the FAQ to me, that would probably suffice.

Please do not respond directly to this mail id, as I am "borrowing" it.
Please either post a follow up to the news group or mail me at

	bayer at darwin.med.utah.edu.

We would like to set up a lab database system for human sequences, STSs,
markers, etc.  We would like to track experimental procedures, capture
resulting data, and display/manipulate data and information.

1.  From the little I've studied ACEDB, it appears that ACEDB would not
be appropriate as a general lab system (for capturing data) because the
data entry capabilities/procedures are more "batch" oriented.  However,
ACEDB does appear to be very useful for displaying data and information
once the data has been generated.  Is this an appropriate evaluation?

2.  Is there an ACEDB facility available that allows "interactive" data
entry, and/or data editing?

3.  Would it be feasible and/or appropriate to set up both UNIX and Mac
versions of the ACEDB application and have them be able to read the same
data files?  Or would separate copies need to be placed on each platform?

4.  Since we would like to use ACEDB with human data, which of the
available databases would be the best to use as a template?

Thanks in advance.

Steve Bayer
Myriad Genetics
SLC, Utah
bayer at darwin.med.utah.edu 

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