more fun compiling ace 3.3

Sergey Petrov ptv at druid.epm.ornl.gov
Wed Sep 7 14:54:27 EST 1994

In article 0709941047470001 at gmrubin5.berkeley.edu, sly at fly2.berkeley.edu (Cyrus Harmon) writes:
>> ld: Undefined symbol
>>    _XtStrings
>>    _XtShellStrings
>> As far as I know, I am using the correct X11R5 libraries.
>> Are those routines needed ?
>>  Dr Jaime Prilusky, Head
>I too have encountered this same problem. I fixed it, though, and can't remember
>exactly what I did. My hunch is that you are not actually using the correct
>X11R5 libraries. Make sure that your $PATH is set up to look at the right
>first. Even if you have the right in your path, if the old ones show up
>first, they
>will be used. If this doesn't solve the problem, make sure you are using a good
>version of make.
>-Cyrus Harmon
>sly at fly2.berkeley.edu

I have a *better* problem:

	ld: Undefined symbol 

as a result of an attempt to compile acedb.
Does anybody know what does it mean?

Sergey Petrov

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