compiling ace 3.3

Danielle et Jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at kaa.crbm.cnrs-mop.fr
Wed Sep 7 05:47:09 EST 1994

i don t have a clue about this problem

Prilusky cannot link ace.3.3 becasue he gets:

ld: Undefined symbol

As far as I know, I am using the correct X11R5 libraries.
Are those routines needed ?
Is there a way to make the link without asking for those routines?
Thanks in advance,

 Dr Jaime Prilusky, Head
 Bioinformatics Unit                 ! LSPRILUS at WEIZMANN.WEIZMANN.AC.IL
 Weizmann Institute of Science       ! fax: 972-8-344113
 76100 Rehovot - Israel              ! tel: 972-8-343456

i don t suppose this is related to 3.3 in particular way

hints welcom

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