compiling ace 3.3

Cyrus Harmon sly at fly2.berkeley.edu
Wed Sep 7 12:47:47 EST 1994

> ld: Undefined symbol
>    _XtStrings
>    _XtShellStrings
> As far as I know, I am using the correct X11R5 libraries.
> Are those routines needed ?
>  Dr Jaime Prilusky, Head

I too have encountered this same problem. I fixed it, though, and can't remember
exactly what I did. My hunch is that you are not actually using the correct
X11R5 libraries. Make sure that your $PATH is set up to look at the right
first. Even if you have the right in your path, if the old ones show up
first, they
will be used. If this doesn't solve the problem, make sure you are using a good
version of make.

-Cyrus Harmon
sly at fly2.berkeley.edu

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