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: Hi
: can anyone help with this? I don't have any experience with Linux
: at all, and I don't think we have any users currently using Linux.
: You can email me and I'll pass it on.
: TIA /staffan (staffan at biochem.kth.se)

: ===================================
:  Dear Staffan,
:               I, Tanmay Banerjee, would like your help in installing 
:  MycDB software running under Linux on PC-386. I am working with Dr. Indira 
:  Ghosh, who spoke to you regarding MycDB software on her last visit to 
:  Stockholm. Here are certain points on which I would like your comments:
:  1. We have not been able to get a Xwindow working with colour. We ran the
:  2. Can you tell us how to use tvga9000 instead of VGAmono?
:  3. Can you provide us the name & e-mail of a person, who is using MycDB on 
: PC-386 under Linux ?


I'm trying to get AceDb to work on LINUX (on a 386).  Thanks to some help from 
Richard Durbin, I have been able (so-far) to get it partially working.  
To get the source to compile for version 3_0, there are two functions in 
w4/session.c that have to be commented out - the error messages will tell you 
where :).  For source 3_3, there are 2 lines that have to be moved out of a 
commented section in w7/fmapcontrol.c (as far as I remember), but again the
errors will say where.  Also for acedb3.3 a script file in wscripts/Mosaic
must be edited to point to your copy of Mosaic.  

The software works well in that I can follow various links through the 
database.  The problem I am having is that as soon as I choose a DNA
sequence related link, AceDB crashes with a 'floating exception' error???
If I run the text version of AceDB, when I 'model DNA'  it says
to the effect that cannot show model {strange characters and garbage}.
Hopefully Richard will be able to help again ...

As far as the problems Tanmay is having, they are probably better suited to
comp.os.linux.help.  I struggled a bit to get the setup correct,
but the samples that came with Slackware 2.0 proved useful.  For my 
Xconfig file, RGBPath points to /usr/X386/lib/X11/rgb
and rgb is NOT a directory, but in /usr/X386/lib/X11 there is a 
file rgb.txt.  The answer to question 2, also lies in setting up Xconfig
correctly.  Are you using a generic SVGA library?  Its a bit of a fiddle to 
get the mode set up... I went through various options and samples as documented
in the files in /usr/X11/etc.  

To answer question 3, you can contact me (Brendan Babb) at the following 
	bbabb at medmicro.uct.ac.za
	root at medix.mmi.uct.ac.za

Hopefully we'll get AceDB working properly on LINUX soon :)


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