give me informations

Takako Igarashi taka at nihs.nihs.go.jp
Fri Sep 2 05:40:13 EST 1994

I have two quetions.  
I will be happy if anyone give me any information about 
my questions.

1. I am working on producing new database using the ACEDB 
program.  It includes the data of cell signalling molecules 
and their mutual interactions.  Then, I would like to know 
if anyone has already made any kind of database like this , 
for example metabolic reactions etc .  I would like to contact 
them if possible.  

2. I got source files of ACEDB , and I noticed that there was 
fetch program in wscripts directory.  Can I use fetch through 
ACEDB ?  If so, I wish to use that facility.

Thank you very much for your attention to this mail.

Takako Igarashi
National Institute of Health Sciences
taka at nihs.nihs.go.jp

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