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Thu Sep 1 05:08:21 EST 1994

 To: staffan at biochem.kth.se
 Dear Staffan,
              I, Tanmay Banerjee, would like your help in installing 
 MycDB software running under Linux on PC-386. I am working with Dr. Indira 
 Ghosh, who spoke to you regarding MycDB software on her last visit to 
 Stockholm. Here are certain points on which I would like your comments:
 1. We have not been able to get a Xwindow working with colour. We ran the
the MycDB software on the Black & White mode (VGA mono) of Xwindow.
We could read the header of each window, but the content of the window
is not readable (as the black background,overlapped with the text in 
black). We looked into the Xconfig file under /usr/X386/lib/X11/. We 
found that RGBPath is given as usr/X386/lib/X11/rgb,but in the mentioned
directory there are three files with starting with rgb. They are rgb.txt,
rgb.dir & rgb.par. Amongst them, rgb.txt is a readable file, while others
are not. We made a separate directory named "rgb" and put these three files
in it, but it still did not read it. 
 2. Can you tell us how to use tvga9000 instead of VGAmono?
 3. Can you provide us the name & e-mail of a person, who is using MycDB on 
PC-386 under Linux ?
With this information,(I can provide more if required) Will you 
be able to help us in running MycDB in mono mode if not in colour?
(We have a VGA color monitor).

I would be grateful, if you can reply at your earliest.
  With regards,
  Tanmay Banerjee.

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