lost loci on maps?

Kerry Rowe kr5205 at u.cc.utah.edu
Mon Oct 10 18:56:24 EST 1994

I have built a database using ACEDB 3.0 where I have defined an STS object
in models.wrm that should work like a Locus on the genetic and physical
maps (i.e., it should be displayed the way any other Locus would be). 
This works fine (the STSs are displayed on the map) unti I...
	1.  place them on more than one map; then they are displayed on 
	    only the first map on which they are defined to reside and are
	    missing from others.
	2.  ask that the maps be "Recalculated"; afterward they disappear.
	3.  add Locus objects to the map; then all my STSs disappear.

Can someone please tell me how to fix this?  Please respond directly to the
newsgroup or to the following email address:

	bayer at darwin.med.utah.edu

Thanks in advance.


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