ACEDB version 3.3?

Jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at watson.wustl.edu
Fri Nov 4 19:29:50 EST 1994

3.3 was for developpers
it is beeing used with fixes for IGD, the human genome project
the code as on ncbi had some errors in configuration files

you want that for your linkage group in options.wrm to say
actually all the -D GMAP should go there to -DVMAP 
except for class _gMap

I just did put on ncbi 3.4 with the following README
Known bug in this code:
 the online help now calls mosaic and immediatly crashes
this is beeing looked 
and this is why this code is here
the rest is supposed to work

Improvements over 3.3 
the tags.wrm and classes.wrm files are gone
this means that directa dditions to models work
and that this program can run on different databases
say nematode and IGD without problem

the table maker bug to access matrices of data is fixed

the table maker know supports constarints between columns
this will be documented soon

the speed of the lexique is much increased 

however THIS IS NOT a fullfledged distribution


please let me know if you use this code

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