Problem compiling ace 3.5

John Vu jvu at CHROM5.HSIS.UCI.EDU
Mon Nov 28 20:38:34 EST 1994

Hi acedb users,

We are having a problem in compiling ace 3.5 (from ftp//ncbi.nih.gov). 
We are running SPARCstation IPX, SUN OS 4.1.3, with 32 MB RAM.  

Here is the error message we get after setting ACEDB_MACHINE to SUN and 
attempting to "make":

chrom5% make
ACeDB source directory: /data/ace3.4
making xace for SUN_STATIC
cp ../w1/freesubs.c .
chmod u+w freesubs.c
gcc  -Wreturn-type -Wimplicit -Wunused -Wcomment -O  -fwritable-strings  
-DWCS -g -I../wh -I../whooks -DACEDB -DSUN -c  freesubs.c
In file included from ../wh/regular.h:8,
                 from freesubs.c:19:
../wh/mystdlib.h:185: conflicting types for `_flsbuf'
../wh/mystdlib.h:185: An argument type that has a default promotion
../wh/mystdlib.h:185: can't match an empty parameter name list declaration.
/dcs/packages/gnu/lib/gcc-lib/sparc-sun-sunos4.1.1/2.5.8/include/stdio.h:28: previous declaration of `_flsbuf'
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `freesubs.o'
Current working directory /data/ace3.4/bin.SUN_STATIC
*** Error code 1
The following command caused the error:
cd /data/ace3.4/bin.SUN_STATIC  ; make xace
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `xace'

We would appreciate any input/advice.  Thank you.


National Human Genome Research Center	Phone	: (714) 824 - 7447
UCI College of Medicine, 
Medical Sciences I, Rm D240
Irvine, CA  92717

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