homology map

Danielle et Jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at kaa.crbm.cnrs-mop.fr
Fri Mar 25 07:59:27 EST 1994

Mored etail following a question by Matthews:

I see how "In_Group" gets used in the Locus record.  What does "Group_Member"
do, and how do we use it?  

Also, "Locus" is magic too, right, to specify that "In_Group" is the tag used
to anchor Locus objects?

Locus is the name of the class which uses the In_Group Group_Member
but it is not magic

i could invent now a new sort of clone, the butterfly aerodynamic chromosome or BAC

the i will say

?Map Contains BAC ?BAC XREF Map

?BAC Map ?Map XREF BAC #map_location
     Bac_Class ?BAC XREF Bac_Bunch
     Bac_Bunch ?BAC XREF Bac_Class

## with ace file:

Multimap bacMultiMap
Anchor "BAC" "Bac_Class" "Bac_Bunch"

this will work 
the Bac will be dispalyed in the vertical map and
react as desired in the homology map although the
compiled code has never heard as yet of butterflies.

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