homology map

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Fri Mar 25 13:38:09 EST 1994

> ?Map Contains BAC ?BAC XREF Map
> ?BAC Map ?Map XREF BAC #map_location
>      Bac_Class ?BAC XREF Bac_Bunch
>      Bac_Bunch ?BAC XREF Bac_Class
> ## with ace file:
> Multimap bacMultiMap
> Anchor "BAC" "Bac_Class" "Bac_Bunch"

Okay, I understand what the first two parameters do.  "BAC_Class" is the
tag, of class "BAC", whose value is used to decide which BAC's in adjacent
maps should be linked together on the multimap "bacMultiMap".  What does
"Bac_Bunch" do?

- Dave

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