homology map

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Thu Mar 24 13:50:12 EST 1994

Hi Jean, your new Symbol and Anchor features look great as far as I 
understand them.  I think the only thing I don't understand is:

> MultiMap Test
> Map I.droso
> Map II.fly
> Anchor Locus In_Group Group_Member
> Locus d1
> In_Group p1
> Map I.droso Position 1.0
> ...
> the magic tag is the tag Anchor
> the other names: Locus In_Group Group_Member are to the choice of the
> model designer

I see how "In_Group" gets used in the Locus record.  What does "Group_Member"
do, and how do we use it?  

Also, "Locus" is magic too, right, to specify that "In_Group" is the tag used
to anchor Locus objects?

- Dave

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