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Danielle et Jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at kaa.crbm.cnrs-mop.fr
Wed Mar 23 19:22:08 EST 1994

Dear non-worm breeders

I just finised writing for the next ace release (ace.3-1 due soon)
2 modif in the map and multimap display
I want to explain here what i did to get feedback if that is not waht is needed.

1) maps
I added in the Map model a line

Symbol Text UNIQUE Text // class tag
so that if present, in that map, object from class class will show 
with the name of their tag

this can be obtained also if for the class
in the option file you say

-Symbol tag

2) Multimap

the following ace file:


MultiMap Test
Map I.droso
Map II.fly
Anchor Locus In_Group Group_Member

Locus d1
In_Group p1
Map I.droso Position 1.0

Locus d2
In_Group p2
Map I.droso Position 2.0

Locus d3
In_Group p3
Map I.droso Position 3.0

Locus f1
In_Group p1
Map II.fly Position 1.0

Locus f2
In_Group p2
Map II.fly Position 2.20

Locus f3
In_Group p3
Map II.fly Position  2.9


will make the mutimap test when clicked to come with
joints between d1-f1,  d2-f2,   d3-f3

the magic tag is the tag Anchor
the other names: Locus In_Group Group_Member are to the choice of the
model designer

On request i can send a prerelease.

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