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Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Tue Mar 22 15:45:50 EST 1994

> From suzi at ux5.lbl.gov Tue Mar 22 15:27:47 1994
> To: acedev at genome.lbl.gov, cherry at genome.stanford.edu
> Subject: Re: ACEDB mailing lists
> ...
> By the way, another one of those little pesky bugs.  I may again
> be the last to know, but here goes.  If you are using openlook
> make sure to change the default focusing scheme.  "Click to focus"
> doesn't work, it must be "Mouse pointer to focus".  Otherwise ace
> can get confused about which window has the focus and think that
> none of the windows do.
> Suzanna

What's the symptom?  Is this why when I doubleclick too fast the window
system locks up (ignores all mouse and keyboard input, though the clock and
perfmeter keep running) and I have to kill xace, and about half the time have
to kill the window system too?  I never tried "Mouse pointer to focus".

- Dave

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