ace wizardry

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Sun Jul 31 16:28:18 EST 1994

On Fri Jul 29 18:53:24 1994 Bradley K. Sherman said:
>    *  Sam Cartinhour, John Morris, Steffan Bergh and John McCarthy
>       have captured the list of "magic tags".  These are tags that,
>       if included in the models.wrm file, have special meanings in
>       the context of ACEDB displays.


On Tue Jul 26 14:40:29 1994 Richard Durbin said:
> If you can find out which object is being saved when the crash occurs
> then you can create a keyset containing that object, and with write
> access save it in the database as a named keyset with name
> "DoNotDump".  Any objects in that keyset will be skipped when dumping.

!!? Magic keyset names?  Are there any others?

How about environment variables, is anybody making a list of these?

- Dave

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