code 3.3

Danielle et Jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at kaa.crbm.cnrs-mop.fr
Sat Jul 30 11:50:48 EST 1994

i am making available on ncbi a code release

it incorporates help in mosaic
printer control
improved multimap(mieg)
pmap as usual
gmap (as altenative display in ace2)
and lots of other goodies

you can compile it by having in the wmake/MACHINE_DEF
either -DACEDB2 or -DACEDB3

there is a known bug on dec alpha: intron/exon widget of genes does not work

it incorporates some of the new code control of Erik
not the multi map of LBL or Arun's display

the tags file is still needed but this will go off in next release
the file disptypes.wrm is completelly changed and no longer read at run time
which eliminates loads of problems

This code is intended for developpers or datbase curators

It also has dna assembly algotrithms and shows the ABI trace files
this is done via some modules off Staden's and Dear's ted system
all gathered in directory wstaden: this file are temporary please do not use them

I will, in a few weeks make a real release with binaries
any bug you find will help me but i won t answer my mail for a couple of weeks


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