BioSCAN Serevr Update

Raj Kumar Singh singh at CS.UNC.EDU
Fri Jul 29 21:22:38 EST 1994

    o   _____   o     _________________________________________________________
    o            o
     o   ____    o
       o        o     BBBBB               SSSS      CCCC      AA     NN    NN
         o     o      BB   B   *         SS  SS    CC  CC    AAAA    NNN   NN
           o o        BB  BB             SS       CC   CC   AA  AA   NN N  NN
           o  o       BBBBB    i   oo     SSS     CC        AAAAAA   NN NN NN
         o      o     BB  BB  ii  o  o      SS    CC   CC   AA  AA   NN   NNN
        o  ____  o    BB  BB  ii  o  o   SS  SS    CC  CC   AA  AA   NN    NN
       o          o   BBBBB   ii   oo     SSSS      CCCC    AA  AA   NN    NN
       o   _____   o           
        o   _____  o              Department of Computer Science
         o        o                   bioscan-info at cs.unc.edu


			* U P D A T E -- 7/29/94  *

	o The BioSCAN e-mail server databases have been updated.  The 
	  currently available databases are as follows:

	  		GenBank 	Release-83
			SWISS-PROT 	Release-29
	  		PIR 		Release-41
	  		GenPept 	Release-83

        o BioSCAN (Biological Sequence Comparative Analysis Node) is a 
          computational tool designed for similarity analysis of biological
          sequences.  Its massively parallel computer system performs rapid,
          rigorous, searches of biosequence databases and is compatible with 
          popular software packages such as BLAST and FASTA. 

          To receive current set of instructions on using the BioSCAN 
          e-mail server, send an e-mail to the address "bioscan at cs.unc.edu".
          Put the word "HELP"or "help" on a line by itself in the body of the 
          message.  A tutorial ("tutor.txt") can be retrieved via anonymous
          FTP to "ftp.cs.unc.edu" from "/pub/bioscan" directory.  Please 
          send your questions and comments to "bioscan-info at cs.unc.edu".

	o Searches: bioscan at cs.unc.edu, User support: bioscan-info at cs.unc.edu

	o This research was supported in part by NSF under grant MIP-9024585.
	Raj K. Singh		singh at cs.unc.edu	 +1 (919) 962-1744

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