Bnew node : block overflow

Jonathan Karges dok421 at mbp-sun1.dkfz-heidelberg.de
Fri Jul 29 06:56:27 EST 1994

Did anybody of you ever recognize the following error message when
clicking on the "save" entry of an object window (after some
interactive updates of the object)?

!! FATAL ERROR 0: !! Bnew node : block overflow
!! FATAL ERROR 0: !! Double pinning of <object_name>

I think it's no problem of the cachesize. My cachesize.wrm has
the following entries:

CACHE1 = 8000     // Size of first cache, as used in w5/blocksubs.c
CACHE2 = 2000     // Size of second cache, as used in w5/objcache.c
DISK =    200     // Initial size of database on disk at creation

The dump size of the specific object that dued to this behaviour is
arround 20kBytes. It has about 60 references and many text-class

After rebuilding the database from ace dumps, the problem didn't occur
after repeated updates on that object.


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